• I promise to listen, learn and respond to the suggestions and concerns of our citizens on
    these issues.

  • I will focus the resources of the State’s Attorney on the conviction and incarceration of violent
    offenders.  Individuals who assault police officers and other public safety workers will be
    vigorously prosecuted. The men and women who put their lives at risk in protecting us all
    deserve the full backing of the State’s Attorney.

  • I will work toward treatment solutions for non-violent offenders, particularly those with
    addiction issues, while sending violent criminals to jail.

  • You have my promise that on every day and with each case, we will do our best to do the
    right thing for the right reason.
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Leonardtown, MD 20650
ph: 301-475-9101
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Campaign Platform
A Community Based Approach:
As State’s Attorney I will focus on the issues that unite us: healthy communities,
safe streets, respect for victims and cooperation with law enforcement agencies.
To read my full platform click here:  Full_Campaign_Platform.pdf
A New Direction